Starting a business

Starting business

Together we are committed to going on a journey with you to understand your challenges and uncover new opportunities. Our team of savvy business experts make it easier for you and your business to get more done, go further and achieve more.

Since 2007, we have been connecting businesses with the right information, resources and expertise so they can get more of what they want - customers, talent and funding.

Starting a Business Bundle

About This Bundle

Looking to take the plunge and start out on your own? Here are the essentials you'll need to begin your exciting journey.

What's Included

How to create a SWOT analysis

Download our SWOT analysis template to help identify strengths and weaknesses within your business as well as external threats and opportunities.  

Your FREE business plan template

Behind every great business is a great business plan. When you’re starting a business, your business plan can help you understand what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it. Business plans are also an esse...

Guide to writing a great business plan

How to set up and register your business

Choosing the right structure for your business will affect how you register and run your business. There is a lot to consider when deciding which is right for you. Thankfully, we’ve gathered the essential information...

What business insurance do you need?

Taking out insurance to protect you and your business against loss and liability is vital when starting a business. You can pretty much insure anything to do with your business, but not all of it is compulsory. It is...

Introduction to business rates

What business licences and permits do you need?

Ensuring you have the appropriate licences and permits when starting a new business is essential as you could be breaking the law without them.

How to write a marketing action plan

Whether you’ve started a business or are planning to start one, having a marketing action plan is crucial for getting your new enterprise off the ground. Here, we tell you where to start with your marketing action pla...

Setting up your online shop

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