Save over 50% on Business Coaching Accreditation with the Ethical Coaching Company

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Save over 50% on Business Coaching Accreditation with the Ethical Coaching Company

Limited time offer

  • Access an Institute of Leadership approved Business Coaching Accreditation for £1200 (usually £2800) in June.

The Ethical Coaching Company is running a huge campaign for the two June cohorts of their IOL (Institute of Leadership) approved Business Coaching Accreditation.

Participants can become an accredited Business Coach for as little as £100 (+vat) per month over 12 months or as little as £1,200 (+vat) pay in full.

Get the tools, training, and support to become a confident and ethical business coach, equipping yourself with the skills & knowledge to be able to confidently coach within an organisation or in your own coaching practice. This is a perfect opportunity to train you or your business leaders and managers with a formal coaching accreditation, accessing a range of benefits including:

  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Improved leadership development
  • Increased innovation and creativity
  • Enhanced performance and productivity

While the direct ROI of coaching may be challenging to calculate, the indirect impacts are undeniable and measurable. For instance, companies with high employee engagement levels report up to 22% higher profitability and 21% higher productivity. Similarly, the cost savings from reduced turnover, which can be as high as 150% of an employee's annual salary for skilled positions, significantly contribute to the bottom line.

Equipping your leaders and managers with the skills to be an effective business coach strengthens the core culture and leadership within your organisation reaping many of the above rewards.

For more information and to sign up to this course, visit the Ethical Coaching company here.

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